Posted by: cronelogical | November 15, 2009

Challenge: A poem without a verb

memoir without verbs
a challenge

a crystal touch on a baby’s face
four feet of white across a frozen land
purple moon shadows under pines
diamonds on tree limbs in the morning sun
weapons for school boys
walls in the school yard
my tracks across a field and those of a hare
a hundred telephone poles along my way to school
After deep winter’s darkness
spring lake
and summer field
acres of riches
the black earth
and yellow harvest
tiny harvest mice
The table full:
potatoes, pumpkin, corn, beans , cabbage, strawberries, saskatoons, blue berries,
raspberries, choke cherries, pincherries, cranberries, carrots, turnips six inches across, bitter horseradish, beets.
Time for the fall supper
November snow



  1. It may not have verbs but it’s chock full of evocative imagery.
    each line could be the chapter heading of a book

  2. I could picture all of this. What an evocative poem. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful, Fran. Pictures in those words are so vivid.

  4. I thought this was lovely – so visual. It just goes to show you don’t always need verbs

  5. yes its interesting how the removal of the image strengthens the pictures of the poem…

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