Posted by: cronelogical | August 15, 2009

Summer Orchids

summer orchids2

Waiting for spring

tiny  summer orchids


my memory



  1. Congratulations. I am a painter too, and I understand the “at last”.

    • Thank you Michelle, I think too of the yellow lady slippers that made joy in my northern childhood. Fran

  2. You’ve have been able to render through the paint the delicateness and fragility of the orchids. This is brilliant!

    • It is good to know that you have shared, I think of you and the wonderful photos and thoughts. Fran

  3. you captured the beauty and amazing opaque color of the orchids in the sunlight. how gorgeous!

  4. delightful, Fran!

  5. You have captured the delicate beauty in both word and image – lovely

  6. Orchids blooming in my garden are a sure sign that Spring is not far away. Beautiful Fran. You have captured the fragility of these creatures.

  7. Beautiful – the delicate background makes the orchids appear to glow.

  8. I just bought a bonsai orchid plant with the tinies of orchids the same color as your painting. I could swear that you used them as “models.” You captured their fragility and delicacy. Beautimous! Fantasmic!

  9. this delightful picture seems to be of fairies dancing – very ethereal

  10. is this a digital painting? if so, I think it’s the best I’ve seen of yours, it’s quite beautiful and so delicate

    • Thank you, I use Corel Painter for doing these drawings directly on my Mac. Cheers, Fran

  11. This is so lovely !

    Good to see your paintings !
    Gabi from Japan

  12. so lovely fran

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